I’d like to submit an application but CBILS isn’t available in my portal?
In order to submit CBILS applications, you will need to accept our CBILS side agreement. You can register your interest here. Once signed we’ll check everything is in order to enable your account

Can you assess existing customers for CBILS? 

We can accept existing customers via introducers, as long as they currently have a nil balance with us. For customers with ongoing loans, we’re asking customers to contact their iwoca account manager 

How much will you typically lend? 

We’ll aim to approve customers for up to 25% of their 2019 turnover, or 2x their 2019 wage bill. Submit your application for the desired amount and we’ll approve them for as much as we can

What industries are you serving? 

We’re happy to review most sectors, subject to them being eligible for the CBILS scheme 

Will there be a delay to my commission payment?

Commission will be paid on a quarterly basis.

How long are your offers valid for? 

Offers are valid for 7 days. After this time we may need new documents and a further credit assessment 

Are you able to review sole traders and partnerships?

Currently we’re only serving LTD’s and LLP’s for the CBILS scheme

How does the partial PG work?

For loans above £250,000 we will ask for a partial PG which is attached to 20% of the loan amount at the point of default. The remaining 80% is covered by the Government